Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Smell great and diffuse in style with essential oil diffuser jewelry

For multiple therapeutic purposes, essential oils have been used for thousands of years.  Earlier, they were used during spiritual rituals, and also in perfumes, cosmetics, and drugs.  Nowadays, there are many aromatherapy products available in the market such as candles, lotions and miscellaneous beauty products. But, it is important to differentiate between essential oils and synthetic fragrances. While some products and perfumes could also be artificially created, may mimic the scent of an essential oil, and not have the same therapeutic benefits of an essential oil.

Inhalation is one of the most common ways to use essential oils, other methods include ingestion and topical application. The molecules enter your lungs as you breathe in your essential oils and become a catalyst for enhanced physical and mental well-being. Essential oil diffuser jewelry such as essential oil diffuser necklace is not only fashionable, but it allows you to use your essential oils without having to place them directly on your skin. They will diffuse quickly into the air because of their volatile nature when used in your essential oil jewelry.  

You can also try your hands on stone bracelets if you enjoy topical application as well. This will give you both topical and aromatic benefits! Since, you only need about 1 drop of oil on your diffusing pad to last for up to a week, getting the most out of your hard-earned money, you will stretch out the lifespan of your oils.

If you are unable to diffuse essential oils via a room diffuser for whatever reason, essential oil diffuser necklace also enables you to keep your oils up close and personal and not- noticeable oiling for those around you who might not enjoy the scent from your oils. No matter what your preference in essential oil, don't wait to try out the lovely benefits of aromatherapy jewelry today.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Do you know the uses of essential oils for cleaning?

·         Essential oil diffuser acts as a natural mosquito repellent. All you have to do is - combine one drop each of eucalyptus oil, citronella oil and lemongrass oil with one teaspoon of coconut oil to make natural bug spray and rub on exposed skin. Reapply if needed.

·         You can use it as an all-purpose cleaner. Add three drops each of tea tree oil and lemon oil to a few scraps of warm water, then spray worktop to naturally sterilize.
·         For clean air, diffuse cinnamon essential oil in the air and enjoy its anti-microbial properties.
·         If your kids play sports, add two drops each of lemon essential oil and tea tree oil to one-quarter of warm water, then add four tablespoons of baking soda and mix it. Use it to clean sports gear, cleats, and ripe jerseys.

·         Essential oils can also be used as a carpet cleaner. Mix 20 drops of tea tree oil with Borax for homemade carpet powder.
·         Use a few drops of lemon oil and some boiling water to help remove burnt food from pots and pans.
·         Add 10-20 drops of your favorite scent per load if you want to clean your washing machine.
·         If you are making peppermint treats use coconut oil, dark chocolate, raw honey and peppermint oil.
·         When you are cleaning your house with a vacuum cleaner, add 5-10 drops of your favorite oil in your vacuum bag or dust container.

·         For wonderful smelling home, use Essential oil diffuser that contains orange essential oils, rosemary, and clove, when guests come over, they will talk about how amazing your house smells.

·         For homemade sunscreen, mix lavender essential oil, helichrysum oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and zinc oxide, then store in a squeeze bottle to make homemade toxic-free sunscreen.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Designer Essential Oil Diffusers For Positive Mood Creation

More and more people these days are turning towards the nature to heal the disease and health related issues. The aromatherapy and essential oils are becoming very popular in healing the health problems. The demand for essential oils and aromatherapy paved the way for creating an array of diffusers for essential oils.

Essential oils have been around us for centuries. They play a leading role in affecting the brain positively. It has power to control our emotions, moods, memory, learning and many parts of our mind. Essential oils can either be applied on body or can be inhale. Well, inhaling is the best and most popular method. The oil diffusers are used to let the oil diffuse a pleasant scent into the air. The essential oil diffusers make it easy to disperse the pleasant scent into the air to breathe.

There are variety of diffusers available for disperse the pleasant scent of essential oils. Just browse online for the diffusers and you will get surprised with lots of varieties, designs and styles. No doubt, they will complement your home decor in the most elegant way.

The diffusers can really make the difference and thus it is ideal to select the one that can work excellent. Some of them needs a small candle to open flame to operate. The flame heat up the oil directly and the oil particles become looser. These particles float in the air and spreads soothing aroma in the whole room. Well, if you do not want to flame operating diffusers you can choose from wide range of electric operated diffusers.

The essential oil diffuser electric operated do not require an open flame to operate. Just place the essential oils in the pot of the diffuser and switch on the current. The pot will get heat up and will make the oil particles to float through air. There are electric diffusers those use fans to blow the oil particles for quick results. There are some electric diffusers those include lights that can enhance the mood in the room.

Aromatherapy is best to heal health related problems. It helps you to feel relax and refreshed. It makes the mind, body and soul rejuvenated. Just try different essential oils and place them in the most beautiful essential oil diffusers. Make your room filled with lots of positivity, mood and pleasant aroma. Choose the most beautiful designer diffuser and complement your home decor.